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PonchoBallsí Auto Racing Line . . .
Exciting In-A-Capsule Products For A Variety Of Merchandising & Promotional Opportunities.
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The TrakPaks . . .
Trackside Necessities For Every Racing Fan

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TrakPaks represent another great racing souvenir and promotional item. The TrakPak presents a trio of "necessities" in a wonderful racecar wheel capsule - offering a permanent souvenir from races or other racing-related events. TrakPaks have compact clip-on convenience for three important necessities at any race:

Ear Plugs: One set of US-manufactured 33dB ear plugs, complete with a cord to keep them organized.
Sunscreen: A foil-pouch of an FDA conforming SPF 30 sunscreen, and
Towelette: A moist towelette

Utilizing Patented Sports-Capsule Packaging Design For
        A Variety Of Merchandising & Promotional Opportunities

stock car racing The Custom Logo Wheels . . .

TrakPaks are perfect for trackside entertainment and merchandising for all fans and guests:

  • Excellent racing souvenir & impulse gift
  • Great trackside hospitality gift item
  • Perfect for race-theme premiums or giveaways

Two Models To Choose From For All Types Of Racing & Automotive Needs:

Open-Wheel Model: For Indy, CART, Formula One, Grand Prix and other types of open-wheel racing series - this wheel-capsule is built-to-scale to match an Indy-style rear slick, with an attractive chrome wheel rim. The Open-Wheel Model is also preferred to support hot rod racing, tractor pulling, moto-cross, and other racing series.

Stock-Car Model: The Stock-Car Model is preferred for NASCAR racing support and is designed to match the spec wheels driven on Winston Cup stock cars. Also supports other stock car racing series, particularly in racing car styles that do not use chrome wheels.

Imprinting Creates Promotional Impact For Sponsored Projects

TrakPak capsules can be easily customized for sponsored programs. Typically, custom logos are imprinted only on the capsule. For very large-volume projects, the internal components can be customized as well. Please email us for details on imprinting.

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