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golf teesWhat a Great Tee Gift!

TeeBalls are another great tee gift idea from PonchoBalls, Inc. TeeBalls are a novel golf-bag organizer utilizing the same patented packaging design concept employed with PonchoBalls.

TeeBalls are a new way to organize some of a golfer's most essential equipment. Each golf-ball capsule contains 5 white tees and 2 white ball marks - plus a Divot Repair Tool is attached to the keyclasp. Tees are made of highest-grade wood and measure 2-1/8" long. Logo imprinting is available on the capsule and on the Divot Tool - at large quantities the tees and ball marks can also be imprinted on custom-color tees. After the round the empty capsule is a great way to organize keys, spare change & valuables!

Excite Your Players With Unique & Practical Tee Gifts . . .
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Who needs another golf towel or visor?!?! Give your players something they will appreciate and use. With three great tee gifts utilizing the patented in-a-capsule design, any one of these great items will be a hit . . . all three would be even better! Cover all your outing needs with these clever new gifts from PonchoBalls, Inc.   Also, see Poncho Balls Golf Model and Trio Paks.

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