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Prototyping and Production . . .

Turn-Key Prototyping, Development & Off-Shore Production Capabilities

As our PonchoBalls' concept continues to expand in the marketplace, particularly as a part of large promotional programs for corporate sponsors, our clients and their agencies have increasingly asked to tap into our capabilities as a direct resource for prototyping and manufacturing other premium items unrelated to PonchoBalls. With this in mind, consider us for these offshore manufacturing and assembly needs when the volume and time allows.

Now that we have launched 8 models of our own PonchoBalls' line, plus our original DisposaBalls Trio-Paks & TeeBalls, we have a well-oiled prototyping and development system that can easily accommodate new plastic-item production. If you have a need for a customized plastic or plush premium item and desire the cost efficiencies of offshore manufacturing, we might be able to help:

  • Complete Prototyping & Design: We can create prototypes of plastic parts from rough artists' sketches, drawings, or CAD designs, including part design, engineering solutions, sculpting, decorating, etc. Plush designs (e.g., beanie toys and dolls are examples) can also be designed and prototyped.

  • Part Engineering And Mold Building: Complete offshore engineering and mold building from one of the best in the plastics industry.

  • Highest-Quality, Large-Volume Production: We are very proud of the quality and reliability of our production capability with PonchoBalls. We can leverage this same level of operational integrity with the cost efficiencies of offshore rates for plastic items, plush toys/dolls, and electrically/mechanically-driven devices.

  • Complete Collateral Printing & Assembly: For other collateral items, such as printed sales aids, self-mailers, and other promotional support print-materials, our printing capability meets or exceeds the quality available domestically. Complete assembly of premium items with collateral materials allows doorstep delivery at your warehouse . . . ready for turn-around shipping, application of mailing labels, etc. . . . without costly domestic printing/assembly/fulfillment.

  • Direct Manufacturing: We are the manufacturer - so you or your agency is dealing direct on your project, not through a third-party agent.

  • Face-To-Face Service: We are readily available for face-to-face service, during the initial proposal stages or during production, easing the pressures of implementation.

As a full-service manufacturer, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your program needs even if it does not include PonchoBalls.

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