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A Great Hospitality Item For Every Tournament Spectator . . . A “No-Brainer” For The Outing Player

CarePaks represent another fabulous hospitality item from PonchoBalls Inc.

CarePaks present spectators with an easy way to carry every hospitality item necessary for a long day on the golf course, conveniently packaged into a golf-ball capsule.

Every spectator or corporate guest at a golf tournament needs an On-Course CarePak . . . and every outing player would love to find one in his or her gift bag!

CarePaks offer compact in-a-capsule convenience for four important on-course necessities:

  • Sunscreen: A foil-pouch of a U.S.-conforming SPF 30 sunscreen.

  • Blister Protection: A premium 1” x 3” flexible fabric bandage.

  • After The Hotdog: Two antacid tablets.

  • Sore Muscle Relief: Two 200-mg ibuprofen tablets.

Utilizing Patented Sports-Capsule Packaging Design For A Variety Of Merchandising & Promotional Opportunities

PonchoBalls’ products make perfect souvenirs and impulse gifts. They are also great as hospitality gifts, premiums, and other promotional give-aways since they’ll always find their way into the glove compartment, the suitcase, the briefcase, the office drawer, the backpack, the golf bag, etc., offering sponsors countless promotional impressions.

This unique in-a-capsule packaging concept lends a high level of excitement, interest, and convenience to otherwise practical and necessary items. Thus, PonchoBalls offers a clever and high-impact merchandising or promotional approach for a "necessity" item, turning it into a great souvenir or promotional tool.

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