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Re-Insertion Instructions
Re-Insertion Instructions

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Poncho Balls Re-Insertion Instructions.

It is easy to put your poncho back in the ball. Just follow these simple steps.

rain ponchos Step 1: On a flat tabletop, flatten the poncho and fold the hood down across the chest.

Step 2: Fold in half lengthwise 4 times, squeezing the air out at the bottom with each fold. The folded poncho should now be about 4 inches wide.
plastic rain ponchos rain poncho

ponchos Step 3: Beginning at the top of the folded poncho, roll downward like a tube of toothpaste, squeezing all of the air out of the bottom.

parkas and ponchos Step 4: Bend the rolled poncho in half and re-insert into the ball.

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