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PonchoBallsí School Fund Raisers . . .
Exciting In-A-Capsule Products For The Best Fundraising & Fundraiser Opportunities.
Football Fundraiser
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Fantastic For Every Sports Fan

Logo Poncho Balls represent a great sports souvenir and promote school spirit. The Sports Logo Poncho Balls presents a wonderfully unique rain poncho inside, which is great for outdoor sporting events, and offers a permanent souvenir from your school. Great for colleges and high school fund raisers! Sell them in your concession stand, and watch the sales ring up at the first sign of rain.

Poncho Inside...Rain Poncho in a Ball Design!

rain ponchos for school fund raising activities PonchoBalls are twist-open sports-ball capsules that enclose a full-size poncho, offering compact clip-on storage, full-size protection, and re-usable convenience.

Unique Patented Packaging Approach Creates Appeal: The unique patented concept of packaging rain gear into a sports-icon capsule is fun and exciting, making it a great gift or souvenir idea that every fan will want to take home. Fundraising has never been easier. PonchoBalls will find their way into a variety of practical places for those unexpected rain showers, e.g., the glove compartment, the kid's school backpack, the purse, the briefcase, the office desk, the suitcase, etc. This practicality and versatility makes PonchoBalls a great item even on bright, sunny days!

Colleges, High Schools, Sports and Cheerleading Fundraisers. . .

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Imprinting Creates Promotional Impact For Fund raising Projects

Poncho Ball capsules can be easily customized for sponsored programs.  Please email us for details on imprinting. Having your team logo or name printed on the ball, shows fantastic team support.

Are People Tired of Candy Based Fund Raisers?

school sports fundraiser With so many people on low fat and low carb diets candy based sales become increasingly more difficult. Sell them a product they can use and will remember. This unique fund raiser product will sell easily from your concession stand or school store.


Fantastic Selection of Fundraiser Products.

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Baseball Model Football Model Basketball Model*
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* Prototype only; Available in build-to-suit volumes of 5,000 units or more

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