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Raingear for Every Golfer's Bag!

rain ponchos DisposaBalls Disposable Raingear is a unique and practical new raingear product designed for golfers to provide an effective and convenient way to keep their clubs and other gear dry when caught unexpectedly in the rain. DisposaBalls feature a novel packaging approach that positions the product for every golfers' bag - DisposaBalls are twist-open capsules, similar in size and appearance to actual golf balls. DisposaBalls are packaged in a familiar and attractive Trio-Pak sleeve of three, with one of three unique raingear products packed into each capsule:

golf club covers

CLUB COVER: A 22" x 31" plastic cover with a patented Snap Tight opening that offers maximum protection from the rain with superior accessibility for club selection.

golfing products

CARD KEEPER: A unique and practical plastic sleeve designed to protect the scorecard while on the cart or in the golfer's pocket.

golfing accessories

GEAR BAG: A superior quality plastic bag with drawstring designed to keep street shoes and other gear dry while on the cart -- later, it's perfect for transporting wet golf shoes.

DisposaBalls present a great idea for outing tee-gifts, promotional premium offers, and other golf-theme related needs. Each ball is easily imprinted with a sponsor's logo to create maximum promotional impact.

DisposaBalls Trio-Paks are available in two attractive packaging formats:

promotional golf equipment

Tournament Pak: The preferred format for use as an outing tee gift or stocking stuffer, designed to resemble a sleeve of golf balls.


golfing equipment and golfing gifts

PegPak: With much more "shelf talk", this format is perfect for merchandising DisposaBalls. It can stand on a countertop or gift table - it also has a peg-hole for presentation on peg-hook displays.


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