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The PonchoBalls’ Family . . .

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Exciting In-A-Capsule Products For A Variety Of Merchandising, Fundraising & Promotional Opportunities.

PonchoBalls, Inc. is a manufacturer of an entire line of unique in-a-capsule souvenir and promotional products. Their products employ a patented in-a-capsule “packaging” approach, utilizing twist-open capsules that enclose items that are important for the particular sport or activity conveyed by the capsule’s shape and design.
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PonchoBalls, Inc. is the name of the company who manufacture the line of products that include: PonchoBalls: A variety of sports-ball capsules with ponchos inside!
PonchoWheels: Racecar-wheel capsules with ponchos inside!
TrakPaks: Racecar-wheel capsules with earplugs, sunscreen & towelettes inside!
TeeBalls: Golf-ball capsules with tees & ballmarks inside and a divot repair tool on the keyclasp!
DisposaBalls: A sleeve of 3 smaller golf-ball capsules with equipment covers inside for the clubs, the scorecard and other gear on the cart!
Keep-Its: Empty capsules, primarily for the backpack, to keep all kinds of important “stuff” in a handy place!

PonchoBalls’ products make perfect souvenirs and impulse gifts. They are also great as hospitality gifts, premiums, and other promotional give-aways since they’ll always find their way into the glove compartment, the suitcase, the briefcase, the office drawer, the backpack, the golf bag, etc., offering sponsors countless promotional impressions.

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Everybody needs them!!! While PonchoBalls with ponchos inside are the company’s primary products, their popularity among souvenir and gift buyers and corporate sponsors has fueled the development of other exciting product ideas that employ the patented in-a-capsule packaging concept. The recent introduction of TrakPaks, TeeBalls and Keep-Its are examples of the expanding line of high-impact products from PonchoBalls, Inc. Keep in touch for more to come!

PonchoBalls: The Origination of the In-A-Capsule Concept

The original "emergency raingear" concept that eventually evolved into PonchoBalls was conceived in late 1994 by the company’s president. While playing golf at a very exclusive resort golf club with clients, he and his playing partners were caught in an unexpected rainstorm - and the club’s staff offered them garbage bags to cover their clubs!

It sounds obvious to those of us golfers who have used them before that there is probably a way to market a disposable bag to golfers to cover their equipment. But what is it? The idea to encapsulate the covers into small "golf balls" provided the answer - DisposaBalls for the player!

golf gifts The DisposaBalls Trio-Paks . . .

The original DisposaBalls Trio-Paks, launched in late 1995 provide an effective and convenient way to keep golfers’ clubs and other gear dry when caught unexpectedly in the rain. DisposaBalls are twist-open golf-ball capsules, similar in size and appearance to actual golf balls. They are packaged in a familiar and attractive Trio-Pak sleeve of three balls, each packed with a unique raingear product:

Ball #1 A full-size Club Cover for the clubs and bag,

Ball #2 A Card Keeper to protect the scorecard, and

Ball #3 A Gear Bag for other miscellaneous gear on the player’s cart.

found immediate success within the corporate and outing marketplace and fueled the development of the PonchoBall Golf Model. PonchoBalls employ the same patented item-in-a-capsule packaging approach that fueled the interest and practicality of DisposaBalls.

PonchoBalls’ Golf Model Success Fuels
        Expansion of Entire Family Of In-A-Capsule Products

This unique in-a-capsule packaging concept lends a high level of excitement, interest, and convenience to otherwise practical and necessary items. Thus, PonchoBalls offers a clever and high-impact merchandising or promotional approach for a "necessity" item, turning it into a great souvenir or promotional tool.

PonchoBalls are an entirely new product line, with 1999 representing the launch year for The Golf Model. The success of the PonchoBall Golf Model drove the development of the entire line of PonchoBalls & PonchoWheels with a total of eight models currently available with others to come:

low cost promotional itemsGolf Model
Baseball Model
Football Model
Stock-Car Racecar Wheel Model
Open-Wheel Racecar Wheel Model
Soccer Model
Tennis Model
Smooth-Ball Model
Basketball Model (currently in prototype)

The In-A-Capsule Concept Creates Excitement
       And Enhances Practicality With Other Items-Of-Use

The in-a-capsule concept creates such interest, practicality, and excitement that it lends itself to a variety of other new applications. PonchoBalls, Inc. has leveraged this novel packing concept by introducing other clever new in-a-capsule products:

promotional auto racing productsTrakPaks . . .

TrakPaks presents a trio of "necessities" in a wonderful race-theme package:
  • Ear Plugs, Sunscreen, and a Moist-Towelette
They are perfect for trackside hospitality for corporate sponsors as well as for merchandising at trackside souvenir stores and racing catalogs and websites.

golf gifts TeeBalls . . .

TeeBalls utilize this same patented packaging approach to create a practical new way to organize tees, ball marks, and a divot repair tool . . . some of a golfer’s most essential equipment! What a unique new tee gift!

promotional itemsKeep-Its . . .

Keep-Its: Designed specifically for kid’s backpacks,  are empty capsules that make fun places to "keep it" - they make a handy storage place for:

  • House Keys
  • Lunch Money
  • Snacks & Candy
  • Other Important Stuff

PonchoBalls, Inc. Leveraging Novel Thinking
        To Enhance Practicality And Impact!

PonchoBalls, Inc. is the originator and manufacturer of its entire family of in-a-capsule products. With an extensive background in marketing communications, the president of PonchoBalls pushes the company into developing new unique products that fill unmet needs among consumers and corporate sponsors. The company mission is to create more value for the end users and sponsors of its in-a-capsule products. Coupled with this focus on one-of-a-kind products is a corporate philosophy to maximize product quality and customer service. In the end, PonchoBalls, Inc. is proud to offer products that enhance excitement, practicality, impact, and value

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